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  •     Lancashire Songs: Gerald Massey's review for the Athenĉum, September 5, 1863.

  •     The Distress in the Cotton-Manufacturing Districts: a summary of donations collected for the relief of the unemployed cotton operatives of Lancashire. Illustrated London News, Nov. 29th, 1862.

  •     The Cotton Famine: Lancashire Distress and Relief Organisation, Manchester.  Illustrated London News, Nov. 29th, 1862.

  •     Bessom Ben: trouble during a reading.  The Times, August 13, 1867.

  •     Edwin Waugh: by George Milner M.A., President of the Manchester Literary Club.  This brief biography formed Milner's Preface and Introduction to Waugh's "Lancashire Sketches", part of the eight volume collected edition of Waugh's writing published by John Heywood, Manchester (undated).

  •     Edwin Waugh Postcard: dated 1908.

  •     The Cotton Famine: an account of conditions in Stalybridge, contained in Chapter 4 of the "Jubilee history of the Stalybridge Good Intent Industrial Co-operative Society." 1909.

  •     Irish Sketches; Poesies;



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