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by various composers and arrangers to words by



Sheet music:

  •   Come whoam to the childer and me, composed by P. Delavanti (pdf, 3.1MB);

  •   What ails the my son Robin, composed by Henry Phillips (pdf, 2.8MB);

  •   Eawr folk, composed by Joseph J. Harris (pdf, 2.5MB);

  •   The dules i' this bonnet o' mine, composed by N. Dumville (pdf, 1.75MB);

  •   The sweetheart gate, melody trad. (pdf, 1.75MB);

  •   Come, Mary, link thi' arm i' mine, composed by George Eyles (pdf, 2.1MB);

  •   I've worn by bits of shoon away, arranged by Edward de Jong (pdf, 3.0MB);

  •   A twilight carol, (with obl. flute) composed by Edward de Jong (pdf, 4.5MB);

  •   Christmas morning, (four parts) composed by Smith/Fisher (pdf, 1.8MB);

  •   All on a rosy morn, melody trad. (pdf, 1.6MB);

  •   God bless these poor folk, composed by H. W. Burrowes (pdf, 2.2MB);

  •   Yesterneet, composed by H. W. Burrowes (pdf, 2.5MB);

  •   The wanderer's hymn, composed by Henry Bond (pdf, 2.5MB);

  •   What makes your leaves fall down?, composed by Henry Bond (pdf, 2.1MB);

  •   Oh! had she been a lowly maid, composed by Walton Gillibrand (pdf 2MB).



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