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"BEAUTIFUL SNOW": lyrics by Isa Craig set by John Blockley (ca. 1870) ― pdf, 164KB.

"BLOW BREEZE OF SPRING": lyrics by Isa Craig set by Florence Gilbert ― pdf, 3MB.

CORRESPONDENCE: samples of Isa Craig's correspondence.

NAPSS: "Emigration as a Preventive Agency" (Oct., 13th, 1858), with an introduction published in The Scotsman.

CELEBRITY: following her success in the Burns Centenary Poem Competition, Miss Craig enjoys a brief flash of celebrity:

THE NATIONAL MAGAZINE: advertisement, The Times, 1st February, 1859.

THE ENGLISHWOMAN'S JOURNAL: advertisement, The Times, 2nd February, 1859.

THE COURT JOURNAL: advertisement, The Times, 3rd February, 1859.

POEMS BY ISA: Review. Harpers New Monthly Magazine, Vol. XVIII., 1859.

THE EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN: letter to the Mechanics' Magazine, 25th November, 1859.

THE ANNUAL REGISTER: Isa's entry for 1859. (London, 1860)

NAPSS: "Education in Ireland".  A paper by Isa Craig, 1861.

THE DUCHESS AGNES AND OTHER POEMS: Reviewed by Gerald Massey for the Athenĉum, 14th January, 1865.

DUCHESS AGNES AND OTHER POEMS: Review. Glasgow Herald 21st January, 1865.

THE CASE OF THE MISSING MANUSCRIPT: the Pall Mall Gazette, 8th March, 1865.

ALEXANDER SMITH: a memorial essay on the Scots poet and author published in The Quiver during 1867. (See also AN AUTUMN HOMILY: by Alexander Smith, published in The Quiver, 1st December, 1866, and referred to by Isa Craig in her essay).

THE CHRISTMAS CAROLS: a short children's story from Good Words, 1st January, 1866.

VOTES FOR WOMEN: the Pall Mall Gazette, 4th June, 1866.

LITTLE FOLKS' HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Review, Glasgow Herald, 16th July, 1872.

TALES ON THE PARABLES. Review.  Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper, 29th December, 1872.

SONGS OF CONSOLATION: Review. The Pall Mall Gazette, 17th August, 1874.

EDUCATION: an appeal for funds to develop Girton College, Cambridge. Englishwomen's Review, 1st Jan 1876.

ISA CRAIG KNOX: a biographic sketch, from "The Poets and Poetry of Scotland" by James Grant Wilson, 1876.

WHO WAS ISA CRAIG?: The Scotsman, 31 July 1931.



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