Little Folk's History

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CHAPTER I.—The Romans. B.C. 55 to A.D. 450
CHAPTER II.—The Saxons. A.D. 450 to 871
CHAPTER III.—Alfred the Great. A.D. 871 to 940
CHAPTER IV.—The Six Boy Kings. A.D. 940 to 1016
CHAPTER V.—Canute and the Danes. A.D. 1017 to 1040
CHAPTER VI.—Edward the Confessor. A.D. 1041 to 1065
CHAPTER VII.—William the Conqueror. A.D. 1066 to 1087
CHAPTER VIII.—The Normans in Possession.
CHAPTER IX.—William Rufus. A.D. 1087 to 1100
CHAPTER X.—Henry I. A.D. 1100 to 1135
CHAPTER XI.—Stephen, Matilda, Henry II. A.D. 1135 to 1155
CHAPTER XII.—Thomas ΰ Becket
CHAPTER XIII.—Henry II. A.D. 1155 to 1189
CHAPTER XIV.—Richard I. A.D. 1189 to 1199
CHAPTER XV.—John. A.D. 1199 to 1216
CHAPTER XVI.—Henry III. A.D. 1216 to 1272
CHAPTER XVII.—Edward I. A.D. 1272 to 1307
CHAPTER XVIII.—Edward II. A.D. 1307 to 1327
CHAPTER XIX.—Edward III. A.D. 1327 to 1377
CHAPTER XX.—Richard II. A. D. 1377 to 1399
CHAPTER XXI.—Henry IV. A.D. 1399 to 1413
CHAPTER XXII.—Henry V. A.D. 1413 to 1422 ..
CHAPTER XXIII.—Joan of Arc. b. 1411, d. 1431
CHAPTER XXIV.—Henry VI. A.D. 1422 to 1461
CHAPTER XXV.—Edward IV. A.D. 1461 to 1483
CHAPTER XXVI.—Edward V. b. 1470, reigned 1483
CHAPTER XXVII.—Richard III. A.D. 1483 to 1485
CHAPTER XXVIII.—Henry VII. A.D. 1485 to 1509
CHAPTER XXIX.—Henry VIII. A.D. 1509 to 1547
CHAPTER XXX.—Cardinal Wolsey
CHAPTER XXXI.—The Reformation. A.D.1525 to 1546
CHAPTER XXXII.—Edward VI. A.D. 1547 to 1553
CHAPTER XXXIII.—The Ten Days’ Queen. Ten days of 1553
CHAPTER XXXIV.—Mary. A.D. 1553 to 1558
CHAPTER XXXV.—Elizabeth. A.D. 1558 to 1603
CHAPTER XXXVI.—Mary Queen of Scots. A.D. 1561 to 1587
CHAPTER XXXVII.—The Massacre of St. Bartholomew. A.D. 1572
CHAPTER XXXVIII.—Drake Sails Round the Wor1d. A.D. 1577
CHAPTER XXXIX.—The Spanish Armada. A.D. 1588
CHAPTER XL.—Last Years of Elizabeth. A.D. 1588 to 1603
CHAPTER XLI.—James I. A.D. 1603 to 1625
CHAPTER XLII.—Gunpowder Plot. A.D. 1605
CHAPTER XLIII.—Charles I. A.D. 1625 to 1649
CHAPTER XLIV.—Charles Misgoverns England
CHAPTER XLV.—The Long Parliament. A.D. 1640
CHAPTER XLVI.—Oliver Cromwell. A.D. 1649 to 1660
CHAPTER XLVII.—The Restoration. A.D. 1660
CHAPTER XLVIII.—Charles II. A.D. 1660 to 1685
CHAPTER XLIX.—James II. A.D. 1685 to 1689
CHAPTER L.—William and Mary. A.D. 1689 to 1702
CHAPTER LI.—Anne. A.D. 1702 to 1714
CHAPTER LII. —George I. A.D. 1714 to 1727
CHAPTER LIII.—George II.—A.D. 1727 to 1760
CHAPTER LIV.—The Rebellion of ’45. A.D. 1745
CHAPTER LV. —George II. (continued)
CHAPTER LVI.—George III. A.D. 1760 to 1820
CHAPTER LVII.—The American War. A.D. 1775 to 1782
CHAPTER LVIII.—The French Revolution. A.D. 1789
CHAPTER LIX.—Napoleon Bonaparte. A.D. 1799 to 1815
CHAPTER LX.—The Retreat from Moscow. A.D. 1812
CHAPTER LXI.—Fall of Napoleon—Waterloo. A.D. 1815
CHAPTER LXII.—Peaceful Conquests
CHAPTER LXIII.—George IV. and William IV. A.D. 1820 to 1837
CHAPTER LXIV.—Victoria. A.D. 1837
CHAPTER LXV.—The Indian Wars
CHAPTER LXVI.—Free Trade—The Corn Laws. A.D. 1846
CHAPTER XLVII.—Abroad and at Home. A. D. 1848 to 1851
CHAPTER LXVIII.—The Crimean War. A.D. 1854 to 1856
CHAPTER LXIX.—The Indian Mutiny. A.D. 1857
CHAPTER LXX.—India Regained. A.D. 1857-58.
CHAPTER LXXI.—The Next Twenty-two Years, A.D. 1859 to 1881



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