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  •    THE LAST GUESTMSS. of an early poem (ca. 1844) on the Death of Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (note the black edging).

  •    THE CHARTER AND NO SURRENDER—extract from a speech given at a public meeting at Saint Pancras, 13 October, 1846. Northern Star, October 17, 1846.

  •    TO THE CHARTISTSfrom an open letter to the Chartists, written during the interval between his arrest on June 6, and the opening of his trial on July 10, 1848. Northern Star, July 1, 1848.

  •    ORGANISE—ORGANISE—ORGANISE!....from a speech at Manchester on Sunday, October 20, 1850.  Northern Star, October 26, 1850.

  •    PETITION—for an enquiry into the cruel treatment of Ernest Jones while imprisoned.  News of the World, June 1 & 29, 1851.

  •    DEDICATIONBeldagon Church: a religious poem by Ernest Jones.  Dedicated to THE CHARTISTS OF HALIFAX.

  •    DEDICATIONThe Painter of Florence: a domestic poem.  Dedicated to JULIAN HARNEY.



The reverse side of the carte de visit portrait of Ernest Jones shown above. . . .

A remarkable Man, thoroughly honest and consistent  but as I think greatly mistaken in his very extreme  political views.

Died Aged 50
 26th January 1869



 "The liberty of opinion is the most sacred of all liberties, for it is the basis of all..."

  •    LETTER—copy of a letter forwarded to the Editor of THE TIMES (Notes To The People, 1851, v. I, p. 424.)

  •    OLD FALLACIES ANEWfrom Notes To The People, Vol. II, pp. 845-846 (Ed. - probably Jan-Feb 1852).  Jones attacking 'wage-slavery', 'debt-slavery' the aristocracy and the 'moneyocracy' (and Gerald Massey).

  •    FEARGUS O'CONNOR: Feargus O'Connor declared insane; Ernest Jones is present.  New York Times, 27 April, 1853.

  •    LETTER TO THE PRINTER: Jones writing to the printer with regards to formatting his "Battle-Day and other poems," July, 1854.

  •    CHARTISM: what it is. New York Times, March 1, 1855.

  •    ADVERTISEMENT: "Battle-Day and other poems," price 3s. 6d.  October, 1855.

  •    JOHN FROST: Ernest Jones speaks at a public Chartist meeting held to honour John Frost on his return from transportation to Australia. News of the World, September 21, 1856.

  •    IMMENSE DEMONSTRATION: inauguration of the Statue of Feargus O'Connor at Nottingham, with an address to the gathering. The Cabinet Newspaper, 27th August, 1859.
  •    THE SLAVEHOLDER'S WAR—a lecture delivered Ernest Jones in the Town Hall, Ashton-under-Lyne, Monday, November 16th, 1863. Introduction and preliminary comments by Hugh Mason.

  •    THE AMERICAN REBELLION—an oration by Ernest Jones delivered at the Public Hall, Rochdale, March 7th, 1864.

  •    OBITUARY: various events following the death of Ernest Jones, as reported in The Times on 27 & 28 January; 1 February; 26 & 27 March, 1869.

  •    OBITUARY: Edmund Beales, as reported in the New York Times, June 28, 1881.

  •    ERNEST JONES: CHARTIST: a brief review from an unidentified newspaper (ca. 1952) of John Saville's  "Selections from Writings and Speeches, with Introduction and Notes".

  •    THE DEATH AND POSTHUMOUS LIFE OF ERNEST JONES: Radical Funerals, Burial Customs and Political Commemoration.  An essay by Dr. Antony Taylor, History Department, Sheffield Hallam University, reproduced by kind permission of the author and the Editor of Humanities Research (The Australian National University) in which it was first published.


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