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A LULLABY: a piano piece by Charles Salaman

.pdf 2.8MB

O FAIR DOVE! O FOND DOVE!: setting by Sir Arthur Sullivan
        to words by Jean Ingelow

.pdf 2.5MB

LA VIVANDIRE: marche brilliante by Edouarde de Paris

.pdf 1.9MB

SUNSHINE AFTER CLOUD: setting by Clara Gottschalk
        to words by W. Harrison

.pdf 2.1MB


Sullivan dedicated his song, "O Fair Dove" O Fond Dove!" to Rachel Scott Russell; it was published by Ashdown & Parry in 1868.

Rachel Scott Russell and Sullivan had a romantic liaison during the 1860s. This song was dedicated to her after her mother had unsuccessfully tried to prevent the pair seeing one another. Rachel would sometimes sign her letters to Sullivan "Fond Dove" or "F.D".



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