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"Take Joy Home" set by Karolyn Wells Bassett:
Published Schirmer, New York, 1921.
pdf, 1.1MB.

"O Fair Dove! O Fond Dove!" set by Alfred S. Gatty:
Published Century Music, New York (undated).
pdf, 1.7MB.

"One Morning, Oh! So Early" set by J. Michael Diack:
Published Leonard & Co., London, 1905 ―
pdf, 2.3MB.

"In The Night She Told A Story" set by
Mrs. C. F. Chickering: Published Boston, Carl Prufer,
undated zip, 4.2MB. Courtesy of Dukes University.

"Forget" set by Henry Pontet:
Published John Blockley, London (undated)pdf 1.3MB.
Courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

"Happiness" set by Richard Hagmann:
Published  Schirmer, New York, 1920
pdf, 1.3MB.

"When Sparrows Build" set by Mrs J Worthington Bliss
(née Miss M. Lindsay): Published Robert Cocks & Co.,
London (ca. 1868)―pdf, 2.8MB.    [Poem]

"When Sparrows Build" set by Virginia Gabriel:
Published New York, Schirmer (undated)―zip, 6.5MB.
Courtesy of Dukes University.       [Poem]

"The Harbour Lights" set by Alfred S. Gatty:
published Boosey & Co., London
pdf, 3.3MB.

"O My Lost Love" (When Sparrows Build) set by
Alfred Plumpton: published London, Joseph Williams.
pdf, 3.0MB.

"The Snow Lies White" set by Sir Arthur Sullivan:
published Boosey & Co., London
pdf, 4.0MB.

"One Morning, Oh So Early" set by Alfred Scott Gatty:
published by Boosey & Co., London.
pdf, 800KB.

The "Snow Lies White" was sung at the Gloucester Musical Festival of 1868 by Sims Reeves, accompanied by Sullivan. The Times reported that it obtained a genuine and well-deserved success and continued "The song was found charming, the singing perfect; and to decline the encore which followed would have been ungracious; so that once more the enemy of encores had to make an exception to what few will be disposed to deny is a golden rule."


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