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The Hugh Miller plaque, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

  • First Impressions of England and the People: a literary review published in THE NEW ENGLANDER, 1850.

  • Emigration from the Isle of Skye: an article (with some interesting wood-block illustrations) published in the London Illustrated News, January 15, 1853.  It reports on plans to relieve the poverty of the western islanders (recounted by Miller in his The Cruise of the Betsey) by a process of planned and assisted emigration, in this case to Australia.

  • The Highland clearances: "....it is not from want of ardour to join our troops in the Crimea that so few men can be obtained from the Highlands at the present moment; the men themselves are not to be found." 'SCOTUS' to the Editor of the THE TIMES, 25 September, 1855.

  • The Death of Hugh Miller: THE TIMES obituary, Monday, Dec 29, 1856.

  • Hugh Miller: a comprehensive review of Miller's titles then extant, together with much useful explanation of the geology and of Miller's pre-Darwinian belief in numerous, discrete, developmental steps of creation, all built on a solid divine foundation ("....Succeeding creations, each with its myriads of existences, do not exhaust Him.  He never repeats Himself.  The curtain drops at His command over one scene of existence full of wisdom and beauty—it rises again, and all is glorious, wise, and beautiful as before, and all is new...").  LITTELL'S LIVING AGE, THIRD SERIES, VOLUME II., 1858 (a re-print from The Edinburgh Review).

  • The Cruise of the Betsey: more of an advertisement than a book review for both this and a new and revised edition of Miller's "Old Red Sandstone". THE NEW ENGLANDER, VOL. XVI., 1858

  • The Cruise of the Betsey: a rather long but nevertheless well written review, first published in Fraser’s Magazine, 1858.

  • What Hugh Miller thought of strikes: a naive letter to the Editor of the THE TIMES, 14 October, 1859.

  •  Hugh Miller and Geology: for the benefit of those struggling to make the quantum leap to Darwinian thinking, the author of this piece attempts to reconcile the observed geological facts with the biblical account of the Earth's creation. Day, in the first chapter of Genesis, may with propriety be rendered period of time . . . it may be safely assumed, therefore, in accordance with the facts of geology, that the days of creation were periods of great duration . . . . we are now in the third day, the period which preceded the appearance of the heavenly bodies etc.  Harper's Magazine, Vol. XXXI., 1865.

  • Hugh Miller — Bibliography: Editor's Note to the 'Everyman's Library' edition of Miller's Old Red Sandstone, London, J. M. Dent, 1911.

  • An appeal: to raise money to buy the house in which Hugh Miller was born in 1802—a cutting, dated 11 June, 1937, from an unidentified newspaper found within the pages of a copy of Miller's 'The Cruise of the Betsey.''


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