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Glossary of Lancashire Dialect.

Abeawt— about

Keawr— cower, to sit down

Addle-yedded— empty-headed

Kesmus— Christmas

Agen— again

Keythur— cradle

Arto— art thou

Laft— left

Aw— pronoun I

Lathe— a weaver's fly

Aw'm— I am

Leet— light

Aw've— I have

Leeter— lighter

Ash— ask

Local-lads— local militia

Backin— going backwards

Loike— like

Barrowfells— Barrowfields— from Baron's field

Lorjus— Lord Jesus

Beawn— bound, about to

Mack— make, sort, breed

Beawt— without

Malkin— grimalkin

Beet— to kindle

Mall— Mary

Boggart— a ghost

Mary-Jos— Mary at Joshua's

Bowt— bought

Meety— mighty

Breawn— brown

Meh— my

Brid— bird

Mel— honey

Bruck— brook

Mon— man

Buttery— pantry

Moor— more

Cals— calicos

Man— must

Calimanco— a kind of worsted stuffs

Mut— might

Cleawn— clown

Mysel— myself

Clinker— hobnail

Nobbin— striking the head

Coom— came

Noonin— dinner-hour

Cowd— cold

Newt— nought

Cud— could

Nowty— naughty

Day-lit— twilight

O'— all, of

Deawn— down

Obeawt— about

Deawt— doubt

Ony— any

Dee'd— died

OP— up

Desart— desert

Owd— old

Doanc'd— danced

Owdham— Oldham

Don'd— put on

Owd Ludd— an imaginary leader of "the machine breakers”

Dabs— blows, thumps

Poo— pull

Dun— done, they do

Poo'd— pulled

Dunna— do not

Plumpt— sat down suddenly

Dus— does

Raddler— a heavy dancing step

Eawr— our

Ratchda— Rochdale

Ebors— a place near Middleton

Ray-gull— a not over sagacious magistrate

E'en— eyes

Reawk— to gather together

Enoof— enough

Reawt— rout

Felly— fellow

Reet— right

Feyther— father

Reives— reivers, thieves

Flake— a bread rack

Rowlt— rolled

Foo— fool

Sartin— certain

Fooin— fooling

Saup— sup

Fot— fetch

Sawted— salted, caught with salt

Fyer— fear, to frighten

Seawk— suck

Gan— gave

Sed— said

'Gar— began

Shap— shape

Gawsterin'— gaping

Shoon— shoes

Geythur— gather

Sitch— such

Gin— given

Smoot— smooth

Gi's— gives

Ston— stand

Glim— glimmer

Sturred— stirred

Gobbin— an awkward clown

Summut— somewhat

Gonnor— gander

Tawk— talk

Goo— go

Teawn— town

 Gooin— going

Theaw'll— thou wilt

Gowd— gold

Theaw'rt— thou art

Gowden— golden

Theawsuns— thousands

Greawnd— ground

They'dn— they would, they had

Groated— bribed, allowance of fourpence a-day to debtors

Tie-up— a written plan for con­necting weaver's geering

Groo— grow

Too'thri— two or three

Green— grown

Towd— told

Gronny— grandmother

Trig— to trip hastily

Gruntin' herd— swinish herd

'Twur— it were, it was

Heaw— how

Weatur— water

Heawrs— hours

Wee'n— we have

Hond— hand

Wheer— where

Hons— hands

Wi'— with

Hont— hand

Wick— alive

Hoo— she

Win— will

Hooa— who

Worn— home

Hursel— herself

Wot— what

Iv— if

Wrang— wrong

Jannock— a thick cake of oatmeal

War— were


Warn— were


Yallo— yellow


Yed— head


Yer'd— heard


Yerth— earth


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